Ants Appearance and Behaviour



Garden ants have a body length of 4-5mm; the queen is 14-15mm in size. In colour they are dark brown or black, having a small segment in the waist. They have no sting.


Typical of garden ants is high intelligence, high fertility and adaptability to all living conditions. In a swarm, their number can be from 10 to thousands, the swarm being maintained by a strict hierarchy with the highest being the queen. Preferred foods are sweet fruits as well as protein-rich foods. They make their anthills in sunny places, as the soil is finely atomized around their openings. In London, this species of ants can be found in almost every garden, and that’s how they got their name “garden ants”.

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The pavement ant is 3mm long and black in colour. It has 6 legs and two spikes on the back. It has folds on the head and the chest. Winged specimens may be mistaken for termites.


In London, Pavement ants can be spotted at any time of the year in heated buildings. They feed on everything people eat, as well as on pet food. As predators, they attack other insects very often. They nest near water and can be spotted on electric cables and pipes.

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The workers’ body has a length of 2.5 mm, and it is yellowish in colour with a red hue and a brown stomach. Male specimens have black wings and are black in colour, larger than female workers. The queen is dark red with a size of 3.5-6mm body length and also has wings. They have two small segments of the pedicle.


In the Pharaoh ant colonies, there are several queens. When settled indoors, Pharaoh ants can cause a lot of trouble. They feed mainly on dairy products, meat, bread, and sugar. Mostly they love honey and jam. Pharaoh ants can live without food for up to 8 months. These ants, unlike many other London-based species, are constantly reproducing. Although Pharaoh ants have wings, they never fly. Each queen can lay up to 3500 eggs for her entire life, which lasts for about 10 months.

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Placing a poisonous bait

  • The method depends on what type of ants we dealing with and the environment


How we deal with ants