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Another prevalent pest in London is the German Cockroach. Half smaller than Oriental cockroaches, they are no less disgusting creatures and can be a real problem. Adult German cockroaches reach 10 to 13 mm in size, their body being yellowish to light brown, oval and elongated, with well-developed wings. Although they have wings, they can rarely be seen flying. They prefer crawling, and their small size allows them to hide in narrow crevices and squeeze through tiny holes.


The eggs of these cockroaches develop in an egg capsule. It is formed entirely within two days and separates from the female just before the nymphs are hatched, after about two to four weeks depending on the temperature. One capsule contains 37 to 44 eggs, of which approximately 90% are hatched. One female lays from 4 to 8 capsules. In other words, a cockroach can bring between 133 and 316 small ones. The development of the nymphs lasts for approximately 125 days, and the adults live for about 100 days. In short, an unpleasant story.


Because it feeds on human food waste, the German cockroach is a mechanical transporter of gastrointestinal diseases, and its metabolic products can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.


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The adult oriental cockroach has a size of 18 – 30 mm. The body is glossy and flattened with brown-black or black colour. The back shines and looks like it’s painted. The wings of the females are underdeveloped, but even in males, they are shorter than the abdomen and don`t cover it. The female has a different appearance from the male, appearing to be wingless at a casual glance. She has a broader body than the male. Larvae (nymphs) look like adults, and the only difference is that they are smaller. In London, the most serious sign of the presence of cockroaches is the terrible lady scream coming from the kitchen or the bathroom at night.


It inhabits dwellings, cellars, warehouses, restaurants, shops, bakeries, hotels, hospital and childcare facilities, and more. Like all cockroaches, the Oriental ones have a “nightlife”, and they are omnivorous. Under “nightlife”, we don`t mean they “going to nightclubs”, but instead crawling out of their hiding places when you are not at home.


Considering that Oriental cockroaches feed on any waste, you can often find them in garbage cans, containers and sewers. Through this way of life, they easily carry bacteria and infections in our homes. Generally, a nasty kind of situation!

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