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    Mouse Control London

    Toxic Respond provides professional mouse extermination services in London and the surrounding areas. Our pest control experts have years of experience in the field and are fully equipped and able to provide effective mice removal service.


    House mice are a common menace: approximately one out of ten London homes is infested. This could lead to serious trouble:


    ● rodents are notorious disease and parasite carries
    ● they can contaminate your food
    ● they cause structural damage to the premises
    ● mice can chew on electrical cables.


    Seeing just one mouse is a sure sign your home or office is infested, and you need to act immediately. Our mice control service is highly effective regardless of the extent of the infestation and is guaranteed to deal with the problem.

    Professional Mice Infestation Treatment

    Trying to handle the situation on your own using poison bought locally is not a good idea in case you have children or pets, as it can be harmful to them. This is why our mouse control treatment usually involves secured humane traps. Unlike the common rodent traps, our method uses much more effective professional-grade products. After the rodent is trapped, all that is left for us to do is to remove it from your home or office.

    Mice Baiting and Proofing

    Baiting is another effective mice control method we apply in case of rodent infestation. Poisonous baits are set in chosen spots where mice are most likely to pass through. After a rodent is in contact with the bait, it is expected to leave the premises very soon. Mice always flee the area after being poisoned. This means that no dead mice will be found lying around afterward. The baits we use are professional products, and they are the best on the market.


    Our exterminators can pest-proof the area by determining and possibly blocking all the entry points rodents could use to get inside your home. This is important, as it is an easy way to prevent future infestations.

    Follow These Four Easy Steps to Have a Mice-Free Home or Office



    Get in touch with us and explain your current situation. We will arrange for a pest technician to visit you and assess the type and extent of the infestation.



    A careful initial inspection will reveal the accurate scale of the mice infestation that needs to be removed. You will be briefed on the following processes necessary.



    After your agreement, our professional exterminator will proceed with the mice treatment process using the best products on the market.



    There are several tips related to rodent prevention you can receive from our operators. Upon request, we can quickly remove dead mice from your home.

    Mice Control Prices

    Our reasonably-priced mice control services in London are proven to be effective. Prices depend on the scale of the treated area, the number of visits, and the possible aftercare procedures.

    £80 per visitQuote can be given after inspection only

    Why You Should Book Our Mice Control


    In order to achieve the expected results for mice removal, the initial inspection is vital. Our Specialists will carry a complete check of the location to find all rodents.

    Expert prevention

    We use only the best available methods ensuring top quality results for each treatment. This includes the top professional equipment and products, along with trained professionals.


    We also offer a visit for our clients to assess the results of the treatment. All you have to do is get in touch for a booking.

    Professional treatment

    Our skilled professionals will provide you with comprehensive information about where and how the mice got to your home. You will also receive advice to prevent them from coming back.

    Rodent Removal Experts at Your Service

    Our team of mouse exterminators operate in and around London while covering properties of different types and sizes. From family houses to apartments, industrial sites, and trading facilities – we will design a working solution to help you manage the mouse infestation in the most intelligent way possible.


    If you have any doubts about the infestation of rodents in your residence, please, feel free to contact us at any time. You can book a mouse control service by e-mail or through the phone so that you can choose whatever method suits you best!
    You can talk to our team about the trouble you are having with unwanted mice guests, and together, we can develop an action plan on removing them.

    How Do We Deal with Mice Infestation?

    The initial survey is the most important step in the mice control process. Our experienced technicians will determine the extent of the rodent infestation and offer the best approach for the complete and guaranteed mice eradication. In most cases, baiting is what works best: once poisoned, mice would leave the infested premises on their own after they sense that something is wrong. Several visits may be needed for a successful mice infestation removal.


    The best way to handle any type of infestation is to end it as quickly as possible before it spreads around your home or workplace.

    The Typical Mice Appearance and Behavior

    The typical house mouse is mostly found within the human habitat, hence the name. It is a dark grey rodent with a slim and flexible body, approximately 15 cm long, tail included, and it weighs between 20 and 40 grams. It is usually active at night and feeds mostly on foods rich in carbohydrates and fats. A female mouse can give birth up to eight times in its lifetime, which is around a year. The litter is always close to a food source.

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    What Kind of Damage House Mice Are Capable of?

    Mice and other rodents carry diseases and leave droppings and body liquids everywhere they go. And the scent is like a beacon for others of their kind to join the gathering. Apart from carrying diseases and parasites, mice can also cause food poisoning by contaminating your food. This is why you should never leave food out in the open. Maintaining perfect hygiene is also important.


    Since mice can fit through unbelievably small holes and cracks, all such entry points should be sealed. Our trained pest technicians can locate and possibly eliminate such spots. Mice can cause substantial damage as they gnaw to squeeze between gaps: they chew on cables, textiles, and wood, sometimes causing unimaginable additional problems.


    The quicker you book mice extermination service, the safer.

    How to Spot a Mouse Infestation?

    If you have mice in your house, you will start witnessing some clues to notify you that something’s not right. Of course, you will probably see the mice themselves sneaking around at some point, but that usually happens when things have already gone too far. However, there are other traces of their presence that you can look for to determine if there is a developing infestation.


    Mice Droppings


    Probably the first thing you will notice are the droppings. They will be everywhere where the mouse has been.
    Look behind the furniture and the closets. You can tell where the mouse has been by the type of droppings – if they are crumbly and dry, they are old. However, if they are fresh and shiny looking, then the little troublemaker left not long ago.


    A Repulsive Smell


    There is a particular smell that mice-infested properties can give out. If your home is clean and tidy, but you still feel a musty, unpleasant, and odd smell with no obvious origin, it’s time to suspect that rodents are behind it.


    Multiple Hiding Spaces


    If your property is unsealed or has multiple potential entries and/or hiding spots, that is an automatic red flag for you.
    Mice and other rodents have their favourite hiding spaces around the house. They tend to make their nests close to the roof and in the eaves. Another good spot will be around kitchen appliances like the refrigerator or the stove. There is also a good chance to find them near ways out of the house like pipes.


    You are strongly recommended to perform a regular inspection of these areas, along with:


    ● Spaces under the stairs;
    ● Suspended ceilings;
    ● Airing cupboards;
    ● And even the openings of your air-conditioning systems.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do I need to wait and call the exterminators after the Coronavirus lockdown is over?

    A: No, there is no need for you to wait. Our pest technicians are ready to visit you and assess the situation every day of the week, including during the lockdown period.

    Q: How do I know if I have mice infestation at home?

    A: Seeing small droppings or tiny tracks in some dusty corner is enough to realise you have a mice-related problem.

    Q: How do mice find their way inside my home?

    A: Mice can squeeze through 5mm gaps and hole. Rodents usually prefer entering through holes in the foundation or the wall of your home, but they can also use sewers and drains as well.

    Q: How harmful mice are to human health?

    A: Apart from damaging your property, mice could be harmful to your health by carrying diseases and parasites.

    Q: Can I get rid of mice hiding inside the walls?

    A: Doing this on your own would be hard, but our exterminators have the means necessary to locate the rodents and chase them away for good.

    Q: How can I reschedule my appointment?

    A: You can always contact us when you need to make another appointment for the initial inspection.

    What clients are saying

    Veselin Boyadzhiev

    Very professional guys, very responsive. I sent my inquiry at night and they responded 5 minutes later, which was very surprising but in a good way. I was worried about that I have bed bugs, because I was getting bitten, and these guys found that wasn’t the case. They found fleas on my curtains and for 3 weeks no new bites so far, so I’m very happy with the service. I would recommend them to anyone for sure

    Veselin Boyadzhiev

    Leah Davies

    After suffering with bed bugs last Oct living in a flat …my anxiety is terrible now and so when I see my son had some bits my head was all over the place I rang toxic respond and they immediately sent some one out & they was professional and so so thorough we had no bugs and they reassured me enough I may get some sleep after a week of none! 🙂 They understood it’s not just bugs it’s people’s mental health & I feel I would definitely recommend and use again x thanks guys

    Leah Davies

    Iasmina Neagoe

    Toxic Respond was so responsive and I’m so happy with their services. I used their services twice and I will use them again if I need pest control in the future. They are so efficient, sending reports with photos and videos, so I knew what they did in my house and what I paid for. I would recommend this company to everyone

    Iasmina Neagoe

    Linda Zuck

    This company is amazing. It was such a huge relief to discover them after a dreadful experience with a larger company who were 3 times as expensive for a useless service. Toxic Respond properly sorted out a hideous moth infestation. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Linda Zuck

    Nuela da Silva

    This guy was so honest I couldn’t believe my luck. He could have lied and tell me that I needed lots of work, instead he provided me with practical and down to earth advice on how to proceed. You don’t find many business like that these days. Thanks for all the information and support. If you want reliable and honest advice on work you need , call toxic response.

    Nuela da Silva

    Emma Excell

    Toxic Respond were amazing! They have totally taken care of everything for us. They answered all my questions about the situation we had and eradicated all the bugs etc!
    They communicated everything with detailed reports with photos and videos. They were quick and very accommodating with timings.
    I highly recommend them! They were amazing!

    Emma Excell

    Emma Burchett

    We had a problem with mice in our house and had tried many home solutions with little effect. After contacting Toxic response they came round within half an hour giving us a free quote. They were incredible my professional and allowed us time to consult with our landlady. They laid baits and within a week the mice are gone! They are also coming back to help mouse proof the outside of the house to prevent reoccurrence. Not only have they solved our problem but they were incredibly responsive and had great communication with us. Toxic response are also very determined to ensure the work is done and to a high quality to prevent any future problems. Thank you again!! Emma and Cara

    Emma Burchett

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