Pest Types

bed bug eradication

Bed Bug Control

Their shape and size, depending on the sex and stage of development, is either drop-shaped or oval and can reach a length of around 7mm (0.3 inches).

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pest control mice

House Mice Control

Some people would find them sympathetic and other as disgusting. Mice can be extremely dangerous as they carry a set of parasites and infections.

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flea pest control near me

Flea Control

The fleas are apterous, blood-sucking insects parasitic on the bodies of mammals and birds. They reach a length of 1.5-3.3 mm and are usually in dark colors.

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ant exterminator near me

Ant Control

Garden ants have a body length of 4-5mm; the queen is 14-15mm in size. In color they are dark brown or black, having a small segment in the waist. They have no sting.

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moth infestation treatment

Moth Control

The adult specimen is 6 to 10 mm in size. They have a white head and spotted wings. Larvae are up to 12mm in size. They are creamy in color with red-brown heads.

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carpet beetle pest control cost

Carpet Beetle Control

The carpet beetles are 3mm in length, black in color with irregular white spots. They have brown-black transparent wings. The larvae are about 5mm long and are very hairy

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cockroach removal

Cockroach control

It's never nice having cockroaches in your home, but they often infest our places.
In UK, there are mainly two types of cockroaches: Oriental cockroach and German cockroach.

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tick protection

Tick Control

The ticks are more closely related to spiders and scorpions than insects. The
Ixodes or pasture ticks are called "hard" ticks, because they have hard chitin shields on their bodies that cover it entirely.

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