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    Rat Control London

    Rats are not the most common pest type found across London, but they can still infest many residential areas. Whether you have a rat infestation in your home or your commercial premises, you have a massive problem on your shoulders.

    Rats are highly adaptable to every environment and given the fact they can sense danger, they are extremely hard to get rid of. Every homeowner is free to try and install traps or use off-the-shelf treatment products, but this effort would likely result in a waste of time and money. Using poison and traps bought locally on your own would most often bring little to no results. Rats can easily avoid them, as they are more intelligent than you might think.


    Chasing rats away from your premises is a task only professional rat exterminators could handle. Our trained pest control technicians have years of experience in the trade and know what strategy to use, depending on the severity of the infestation.

    Here Is How to Enjoy a Rat-Free Home or Office



    Contact us and explain your current situation. We will arrange for a pest technician to visit your place and assess the extent of the infestation.



    A thorough initial inspection will reveal the accurate scale of the rat infestation. Next, the pest operator will explain in detail what needs to be done for its removal.



    After you agree, our professional exterminator will proceed with the rat treatment process using only professional products



    There are several tips related to rat prevention we can provide you with. Upon request, we can quickly remove dead rats from your premises.

    Rat Control Prices

    Our reasonably-priced rats control services are surprisingly affordable. Prices may vary, depending on the number of visits, the scale of the infested area, and the aftercare services.

    £80 per visit Quote - After inspection only

    Why You Should Book Our Rat Control


    Rats are able to adapt to almost anything, and this is why “evicting” them is a huge challenge. Carrying out a professional inspection is a critical part of the treatment process. Our professionals will find the exact places where the rats are located at.

    Expert prevention

    It’s notoriously challenging to remove rats from the premises. This is why our Specialists rely on the best professional products and equipment to ensure top results for each treatment.


    Our team also provides an assessment of the results of the treatment. You can simply get in touch with us to book a visit.

    Professional treatment

    Clients will also receive valuable information and tips on how to prevent the rats from returning to their home. This goes hand-in-hand with the top-grade treatment to get them out.

    How to Spot the Signs of a Rat Infestation?

    Often a rat infestation can go on for a while before residents recognise its signs:


    • ● Notice the rodent itself
    • ● In some cases you can hear them
    • ● Spotting droppings in your house is a sure sign of infestation
    • ● Gnaw damage is another sign of rat infestation

    Ensure to check the basement, the kitchen, and the loft areas as well – rats can often be found in these places because they can have easy access to food and water.


    Other signs to pay attention to are including foul odour, damaged surfaces, or food stacks that had suddenly gone missing or suspiciously messy.


    Rats are well known for their ability to adapt quickly, making it even harder for people to deal with them. That is why we have our well-trained pest control specialists who can remove them and help you regain the comfort and hygiene of your property.

    Rats Control in London

    What Kind of Damage Could Rats Cause to Your Home or Business?

    Rats chew on everything, ranging from wood, bricks, pipes, cables, insulation, and even plastic. Apart from the structural damage, rats can cause floods, fires, or even explosions by chewing on gas pipelines, electrical cables, etc. In case your business is facing a rat problem, this could result in losses and a bad reputation. They feed mostly at night and prefer foods such as cereal and nuts. They will eat every other type of food as well.


    Worst of all, rats can be extremely harmful to human health. The rats’ urine and droppings spread diseases such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis, and other illnesses and viruses.


    If you are a landowner, you are legally obligated to treat the infestation as soon as you notice it. If not – you will be simply glad to take control of the situation and end the infestation for multiple health and hygiene concerns.

    How Can Rat Control Service Help?

    Our rat control specialists in London deal with rat infestations by using baits or traps. This way, we ensure that the task is done efficiently, swiftly, and humanely.


    To achieve optimal results, you shall prepare for at least two visits from a pest control specialist. The schedule will depend on your personal treatment plan but will usually include two basic steps:

    An Initial Rat Control Visit On-Site

    The initial visit is to inspect the area, the property, all the rooms, the basement, and the loft; then, experts can easily locate the entry points of rats. After that, they will determine how severe the infestation is, and the rat controller will offer you the best plan for your case. At Toxic Respond, we will be managing the rat population using procedures and rodenticides according to all industry-approved standards.


    We always make sure that you, your children, and your pets will be safe through every step of the rat removal procedure until the problem is dealt with. Of course, you will always get a written report with all the actions taken during the initial visit and each following one.

    A Second Rat Control Visit

    During the second on-site visit, a rat control specialist will go through all the bait boxes and inspect them thoroughly. Then, based on their condition and efficiency, your technician will evaluate the results of the tactics.


    Suppose there are still some signs indicating a rat infestation. In that case, your rat exterminator could advise you to extend the treatment as long as needed. At the end of the second visit, you will have a report where all the tasks that they have done are explained and written down.

    What to Do Before the Rat Extermination Service?

    Your first task shall be identifying the source of food for the rats and to remove it.


    • ● If you practice bird feeding, you should stop doing it for a while, as grains are also perfect and easily reachable food for rodents.
    • ● So if you have pets in your home, make sure to keep their food properly sealed and away from the rats.
    • ● Next, you have to seal your compost bins very tightly, as their content also acts as a magnet for rats. Also, it would be best if you try to take out the trash more often than usual.
    • ● If you see some droppings or damage done by rats, it is crucial to stay away from them – don’t rush to fix and clean the area – it might be infected. Trained pest specialists will handle it for you once they arrive.
    • ● If you find a dead rat, it is mandatory to put on protective gloves first and then handle the body.
    • ● Before you reach out to a rat removal company, try to remember all the spots you’ve seen the rats or the signs of them. Sometimes they could be coming from the neighbours, so make sure to ask if they are the ones dealing with the problem too.

    What Should You Do After the Treatment?

    Rats can be easily attracted to food waste and food stacks, so the best practice is to keep your home perfectly clean and appropriately sealed.


    Seal the compost bins tightly and make sure they are not leaking. Throw out the garbage as often as you can. Store the food in a safe and unreachable place.

    Additional Prevention Measures

    There is a lot to be done to keep yourself and your property as safe as possible when it comes to an ongoing rat infestation. No matter if you do it yourself or have a professional do it for you, the step-by-step guide includes:


    Entry Point Proofing
    Professional rat proofing is how you make sure that your home is bulletproof and will not get infested again. Every respectable rat extermination company in London can either guide you on how to proceed or do all the steps of the rat-proofing procedure for you. This includes inspecting and sealing the entire property, from damaged air-vents to basements, ceilings, and wall cavities.


    Strict Sanitising
    If you are dealing with a rat problem, you will have to understand the importance of sanitising. This is because rats can spread diseases to both humans and pets, some of which are rather unpleasant and dangerous. Pest control experts can take care of the sanitising process that includes:


    • ● Clean up the infested areas with biocides which will eliminate the bacteria and viruses.
    • ● Handling biological waste such as faecal droppings, urine, and carcasses.
    • ● Fixing insulation damage and dirt left by the rodents against an extra fee.


    Following Property Repairs
    If rats had been around for a while, they have probably done some damage to the drains, pipes, cavities, or voids around your property. Damaged areas must be identified and fixed in time, as they can cause another rat infestation. Ask for advice from your expert or handle it by yourself if you have the time and the required expertise.


    Of course, you can do all of this by yourself or simply ask for support from your rat control provider.

    Common Rat Species in London

    Black rats are notorious for spreading the Great Plague of London back in the 17th century. These critters can feel comfortable virtually everywhere and once they settle, getting rid of them is hard without professional help. Some people tolerate black or brown rats, but this is a huge no-no! Rats can cause unbelievable structural damage, not to mention the diseases they carry. Make no mistake and choose the professional approach when you need to remove rats from your property.

    Black Rat Control

    Brown rats are bigger than black ones, measuring at more than 20cm. The black ones are heavier, though they have a slender body. Both species have incredibly developed senses, and they even communicate via ultrasound. Once a rat is three months old, it becomes sexually active. Both black and brown rats are incredibly fertile and breed fast: a female rat can deliver a dozen litters of up to eight babies each within a year.

    Brown Rats Control in London

    Ready to schedule an appointment?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to know you need to call a pest control company?

    A: As soon as you notice a rat running around the premises, you need to call a pest exterminator right away. Delaying it would only make matters worse.

    Q: Can I prevent a rat infestation using non-professional products?

    A: Products bought locally are likely to have little to no results. However, not leaving food out in the open and blocking small cracks is the best rat infestation prevention.

    Q: Can I arrange for a pest technician to visit me during weekends?

    A: Yes, you can. Our pest operators are available throughout the weekend, as well as during the Bank holidays.

    Q: What can I do in case of a heavy rat infestation?

    A: The heavier the infestation, the harder for you to remove it. Regardless of the infestation is still at an early stage or it has become severe, you are better off calling the professionals.

    Q: Can I appoint a Toxic Respond pest operator during the Coronavirus lockdown?

    A: Yes, you can. Pest technicians are allowed to work even during the lockdown. You can schedule an appointment whenever you please.

    What clients are saying

    Al Was

    Hands down Best pest control team in London. Been struggling with a seasonal mouse problem in my home and the team did A FANTASTIC job through and through. I was calling Tommy constantly with questions and concerns and he was with me every step of the way with helpful information and advice. Lyubo and Plamen were the technicians that were sooo patient and professional during their visits and really know what they are doing. They were informative during all of the stages of termination and showed true empathy. I have had many pest control teams who were useless so it was great to see this team really go above and beyond. If you are having any infestation issues please contact these guys they will give you peace of mind. Forever grateful to the Toxic Response team now me and my family can finally sleep at night!

    Al Was

    Fatmata Jalloh

    They were able to do the job professionally, whilst doing the job, my property was taken care of, making sure that things were placed where they were meant to be and they also explained to me the process of their work to get rid of these bed bugs. I slept well for the first time after 3 months. The staff were very polite and helpful. The best 👌 company.

    Fatmata Jalloh

    Diana Slavovska

    Prompt and accurate service to highly recommend. The boys were professional, fully equipped and spent the time to explain the treatment needed in advance. Thank you!

    Diana Slavovska

    Linda Zuck

    This company is amazing. It was such a huge relief to discover them after a dreadful experience with a larger company who were 3 times as expensive for a useless service. Toxic Respond properly sorted out a hideous moth infestation. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Linda Zuck

    Nainesh Mehta

    Excellent service and advice from the team at Toxic Respond Pest Control. I had a problem with a rodent in our place, they arrived a few hours after calling them, dealt with the problem in 20 minutes and did an inspection of our property and told us how to prevent rodents coming into the property. The price was really competitive and I would definitely use them again.

    Nainesh Mehta

    Emma Excell

    Toxic Respond were amazing! They have totally taken care of everything for us. They answered all my questions about the situation we had and eradicated all the bugs etc!
    They communicated everything with detailed reports with photos and videos. They were quick and very accommodating with timings.
    I highly recommend them! They were amazing!

    Emma Excell

    Emma Burchett

    We had a problem with mice in our house and had tried many home solutions with little effect. After contacting Toxic response they came round within half an hour giving us a free quote. They were incredible my professional and allowed us time to consult with our landlady. They laid baits and within a week the mice are gone! They are also coming back to help mouse proof the outside of the house to prevent reoccurrence. Not only have they solved our problem but they were incredibly responsive and had great communication with us. Toxic response are also very determined to ensure the work is done and to a high quality to prevent any future problems. Thank you again!! Emma and Cara

    Emma Burchett

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