About Us

Toxic Respond Pest Control Is Not Your Average Exterminator Business

Toxic Respond was founded by dedicated professionals with plenty of experience as pest control operators and ordinary people trying to protect their homes from mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, and every other pesky critter known to London residents.

Here Is How It All Started: I’m Patrick Kozlowsky, and This Is My Story

My name is Patrick Kozlowsky, and I am the founder of Toxic Respond. When my family and I moved to London in 2004, we almost immediately faced bed bugs. My wife and I woke up every morning with unexplainable itch and swollen faces. After some research and advice from a medic, we knew that bed bugs likely were the culprit.

Due to limited finances, we decided that dealing with the problem alone wouldn’t be that hard, but after several weeks of treatment using off-the-shelf repellent, there was none.

We couldn’t sleep or think straight because of the annoying bugs. I decided to call a professional pest control operator. After contacting several companies, a team of pest technicians eventually arrived. They told us to step out and return when the pesticide was dry without briefing us on the process. A total of three procedures followed in the next three months, with absolutely no result at all. We tried to contact the company, but they stopped answering our calls and messages. Left with no choice, we realised we had to take matters into our own hands again.

Taking One Step at a Time

I chose the scientific approach: I took my time and studied bed bug biology, after which I conducted thorough research on every method and pesticide known in the industry. Next, I invested my time and money into a professional exterminator class. – My efforts paid off, and I successfully passed all my exams. Encouraged by this successful performance, I applied the newly-acquired bed bug knowledge treatment in my home. My wife and I were happy to see great results after two procedures. It was a victory for us, although we found it hard to forget about our extremely unpleasant experience with bed bugs.

After taking the story to social media, I realised that many others had the same bitter experience with professional exterminators as we did. They were all promised the best service and were told that the most appropriate method for pest eradication is always the non-toxic one. Still, all these people reported poor or no results after paying huge amounts of money to pest control companies. From I realised everything needed to be changed. – I realised that many others had also received very poor service from professional exterminators. All those people as customers were promised the best service and were advised that the most appropriate method for pest eradication was the non-toxic approach. Most people reported poor or no results but were still charged a large sum of money by the pest control companies.

We cover all areas of London

Building a New Business

It didn’t take long to realise that I could do better than the self-proclaimed professionals. The idea behind Toxic Respond Pest Control came to me. I immediately started making contacts: I met several London-based exterminators who specialised in dealing with different pests. Eventually, I gathered a brilliant crew of people devoted to this job. We aimed to reshape the pest treatment and control business in London.

I created Toxic Respond Pest Control with a mission: to provide a quality service that no other pest control entity could offer. Instead of boasting and claiming to be the best since the start, the rest of the crew and I started making a name for ourselves with hard work and delivering positive results. It proved to be the recipe for success, as Toxic Respond has thousands of satisfied clients all over London. Why ‘’Toxic Respond’’? It’s because you call, we respond.

As professionals, we are proud members of Basis PROMPT, National Pest Technician Association.