What is Toxic Respond?


Sadly, if you are visiting our web page, then probably you think your situation isn’t looking so bright. But don’t worry! We can deal with any pest control related
problem as we are a professional pest control company, which has serious
experience with almost all kinds of pests found in London.

The fact that we always do our best to solve your pest problems, that we pay
attention to the tiniest details and that we are always a hundred per cent honest to our customers are only a few of our advantages, compared to other companies.

If you are happy with our services, then we are so glad too!
Our customer service operators are well-trained pest technicians as well,
which guarantees you a professional consultation, even over the phone or email.

Heat and Spray

This is our most efficient treatment which provides a high success rate of the extermination of bed bugs, carpet beetles, ticks and fleas. As a heat method, we use targeted steam that kills almost all kind of insects on every live stage in seconds.
The spray is mandatory in 99% of all cases of bed bug infestation. We use the best insecticides on the market that are lowest toxic to people and pets. Your safety is always our priority.

Spray treatment

We recommend this treatment as a single method only for second treatments. Provides a long-term efficiency and prevent reinfestation of bed bugs, cockroaches, ticks, fleas and other crawling insects. The insecticides we use are low toxic and human-friendly.

Mice baiting and proofing

Depending on the case, we use several types of rodenticides. To determine what rodenticide we should use as bait, we first need to find out what kind of rodents has infested your property. We will check for entry points, and if it's possible for us to do a proofing, we can give you an exact quote on the spot. Unfortunately, in some cases, to do a proofing is impossible for us, but we'll show you everything we've found so you can seek handyman services.


We provide monitoring in the most suitable time of the week for you. For mice usually takes four visits a month.

Ants and Cockroaches Treatments

Depending on the type of pest that infest your property and where its nest, we offer two kinds of treatment: The first one is poison bait, and the second one is spray. To determine which method is best suited to your case, we need to do an inspection and determine what kind of cockroaches or ants we are dealing with. In some cases, monitoring may be required.