Flea Control


Spray Only – If you have fleas, but you don`t have pets, we offer to spray your property and fully eradicate your flea problem. They easily get poisoned, and just one treatment is entirely sufficient for full flea extermination in London.

Heat – This method is entirely safe for you and your pets. In London, like heat treatment, we use dry steam that works on 180 degree Celsius and kills fleas in all life stages.

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Targeted Heat and Spray



Our technicians have firstly to inspect your home, identify the pest, or monitor for its presence, and make a risk assessment. Once you are shown all the findings of our technicians, they can take action. We use the best pesticide control products to ensure they are 100% safe to humans and 200% lethal to pests.


Small pimples with a red tip appear after the bite on the skin. Besides, unassimilated blood from fed fleas is discarded in the form of brownish excrement that can be noticed on the bed linen.


Many people in London have pets, and that makes the risk of flea infestation significant. The fleas are apterous, blood-sucking insects parasitic on the bodies of mammals and birds. They reach a length of 1.5-3.3 mm and are usually in dark colours. The rear pair of legs are adapted for jumps. Their bodies are laterally flattened, allowing smooth movement through the hair cover of the host body. Their movement is also facilitated by their hardcover with hairs and short spikes pointing backwards.


Adult fleas feed on a pet and human blood. The most common species in the dwellings are a cat, dog, and human fleas. Once fed with blood, the female fleas lay their eggs on the coat of the host or in its habitats. Fleas can withstand hunger for a long time, but when they sense the presence of a potential host, they attack him massively. Dinner is served!


Fleas are carriers of several diseases such as plague, tularemia, typhus and others.
Flea bites cause an allergic reaction accompanied by itching and discomfort. Scratching bitten places can lead to secondary inflammation.