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Tired of pesky pests trying to take over your home?
Professional insect pest eradication is what we do best.

  • Fast and effective treatments
  • Complete service: inspection, extermination, aftercare
  • Professionally trained and certified technicians
  • Guaranteed results

Pest Control London

Whether your home is infested with bed bugs or you suspect cockroaches are on the verge of taking over, don’t hesitate to contact Toxic Respond. Our exterminators will assist you in addressing the infestation at your property and help prevent future infestations.

Our pest control services in London include initial inspection and evaluation of the infested area, followed by determining and implementing the most effective treatment. Our trained professionals will handle the issue and leave your premises safe and disinsected.

Our Pest Control Services in London

We have all the means necessary to get rid of bed bugs for good. We use the best products and apply proven pest control treatments.

Ants can be annoying, but we have the right solution to eliminate that problem for you. Baiting or spray treatment will get the job done.

These critters can destroy everything with natural fibres around your home. Fear not, as we have plenty of success stories involving carpet beetle infestation removal.

Fleas are among the most common pests in the UK, especially if you have pets. With our pest control service, you can get rid of these insects without a hassle.

Moths can invade your pantry and wardrobe, but they don’t stand a chance against our pest control specialists.

Cockroaches are one of the biggest threats to closed spaces, as they withstand everything and reproduce fast. Our pest control services are guaranteed to eradicate the infestation.

Pest Control Prices

We inspect your London property to assess the level of infestation and offer an individual quote. The prices for our pest control services in London are formed after our team takes into consideration the following:

  • The type of pests you are dealing with.
  • The severity of the infestation so far.
  • The number and the size of the infested areas.
  • The most suitable pest treatment method.
  • The personalised pest control program.
  • The need for additional aftercare.

Rest assured, our licensed team, with their extensive expertise, will complete the evaluation process and choose the most suitable approach for your case. You will then receive the final cost for our pest control service. Following the industry’s best practices, our offer will be strictly segmented, fully transparent, and guaranteed to deliver the most reasonable pest control pricing in London.

Ready to take control of your pest problem? Contact our team today and let our experts get acquainted with the specifics of your infestation. We offer safe, effective, affordable, and officially approved pest control services in London for residential apartments and houses.

Call us, and we’ll help you remove the pest immediately!

Price List

Bed Bug Control from £200
Cockroach Control from £180
Moth Control from £160
Flea Control from £200
Ant Control from £160
Carpet Beetle Control from £160

Why Choose our Pest Control Company in London

How do we deliver outstanding results when dealing with infestations? Our technicians are extensively trained and have years of experience in pest control. Another reason our clients appreciate and recommend our service is we offer fast and efficient solutions at an affordable price.

Treatment methods

We use highly effective methods to remove pests from your London home successfully.

Experienced technicians

Keep your home pest-free with our highly trained insect control specialists. Our advanced techniques ensure fast and lasting results, giving you peace of mind.

Health and safety of technics

All of our technicians are fully certified by NPTA. We ensure the implementation of all safety measures for you, your family and your pets.

  • Fast Response

Regardless of which city area you are in, our teams are always ready to respond. Once you make an appointment, you are guaranteed to be scheduled for an inspection visit or treatment as soon as possible.

  • Wide Area Coverage

Our customer network is growing as we speak. Still, we know we must keep working hard because people increasingly demand our quality services. That is why you can book us in every single area of London.

  • Affordable Price

All services in our portfolio feature the best price-quality ratio possible. After you inquire, we will inform you of the means necessary to deal with your situation and let you know how much the solution to your pest problem will cost.

  • Trained Professionals

We understand that quality service is only possible with experienced technicians. Our experienced pest control specialists are fully certified and well-prepared to inspect and evaluate your pest-related situation before taking action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the best time to call a pest control company?

A: As soon as you notice the first signs of a garden ant infestation, you must call a pest exterminator immediately. Delaying the decision would only make matters worse.

Q: Can I buy the same products you use?

A: Please note that all the insecticides and products used in our treatments are for professional use only and require special training.

Q: Can I appoint a pest technician for the weekend?

A: Absolutely, we value your time and convenience. Our trained pest exterminators are at your service not just during the week, but also throughout the weekend and even during Bank holidays.

Q: Can you treat clothes?

A: We can offer various heat treatment methods for clothes. You can always contact us with more details about your problem so we can choose the best option for your case.

Q: Do you offer same-day visits?

A: If technicians are available in your area, we can offer a same-day visit.

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