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We are a 24 hour pest vermin and insect control company with highly trained staff in London. We can deal with any pest problems as we provide professional pest technicians, which has serious experience with almost all kinds of pest infestations found in London. From Bed Bugs extermination and treatment to mice baiting and proofing.

bed bug eradication

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs home treatment and control. Do the extermination before they spred all around your home.

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carpet beetle pest control cost

Carpet Beetle Control

We do carpet Beetle treatment and extermination in London. Our pest control methods are safe to people.

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cockroach removal

Cockroach control

We provide methods for cockroaches eradication and treatment. Prevent the infestation in your house or apartment.

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All the pests that we treat in London

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Why you need to do bed bugs inspection of your home regularly. What they look like and where are their fences.

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Why you need to do bed bug inspection before it is time for extermination. Prevent the eradiation.

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Pest Control Areas in London

We do treatments in all areas of London. Check if your are is in the list and find out what services we offer there. Our technicians works 24/7.

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Look at the pest control prices of all the services we offer in London. Check how much each pest control services costs.

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