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Do you know what a pest infestation could lead to?


Many people all over London still tend to underestimate this kind of situation. Vermin can cause a lot more harm than one might think, and a professional approach is most often required when it comes to their removal.


Toxic Respond is your trusted Havering extermination service provider. Take advantage of our pest control, treatment, prevention, and removal service and enjoy a pest-free home sooner than expected. Here is what we have to offer:

  • Discreet visits and friendly service
  • Professional pest technicians
  • Year-round availability
  • Safe and effective products
  • Guaranteed results

Bed Bugs Control

The spread of bed bugs is a rising problem troughout the UK, especially in London and other big cities.
Our technicians use the heat treatment method to get efficiently rid of bed bugs.

Mice Control

Mice can cause just as many problems as their rat cousins - both health and damage-related. Our mice control and prevention methods are super-effective.

Rat Control

Rats gnaw through wood, plastic and even metal to get in your home. To avoid rodents causing extensive damage, call our rat removal service.

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Bed bugs control prices

1 Bedroom - £1601 Bedroom - £1001 Bedroom - £120
2 Bedrooms - £2002 Bedrooms - £1202 Bedrooms - £160
3+ Bedrooms - £2403+ Bedrooms - £1403+ Bedrooms - £200

House Mice prices

£60 per visit
Quote can be given after inspection only

Rat control prices

1 Room - £160£60 per Rat Station Quote - afrer inspection only
2 Rooms - £180
3 Rooms - £200
4+ Rooms - £220

German / Oriental Cockroach

1 Room - £1401 Room - £160
2 Rooms - £1602 Rooms - £180
3 Rooms - £1803 Rooms - £200
4+ Rooms - £2004+ Rooms - £220

Fleas control prices

1 Room£160
2 Rooms £180
3 Rooms£200
4+ Rooms £220


1 Room - £1201 Room - £140
2 Rooms - £1402 Rooms - £160
3+ Rooms - £1603+ Rooms - £180


1 Bedroom - £1601 Bedroom - £120
2 Bedrooms - £1802 Bedrooms - £140
3 Bedrooms - £2003 Bedrooms - £160
4+ Bedrooms - £2404+ Bedrooms - £200

Carpet beetle

1 Room£140
2 Rooms£160
3 Rooms£180
4+ Rooms £200

All Havering Pest Infestations Require the Assistance of a Professional Exterminator

Allowing no room for compromise is the route to follow if you want the best result. The vital step in that direction would be to make an appointment with a Toxic Respond team member the minute you realise your commercial or residential building has been infested. We deliver the best results every time, no matter how serious the situation might be.

Pests are annoying, but they could also cause much more severe inconveniences and problems. Mice and cockroaches, for instance, carry diseases and bacteria into your home and, before you know it, your clothes, furniture, and even your food could be contaminated. Carpet beetles and moths are usually responsible for significant interior damage, especially upholstered furniture, carpets, and clothes. Ticks and bed bugs irritate the skin and can even cause illnesses. These are some of the reasons why you should always trust a professional exterminator with solving your pest problem.

Guaranteed Removal of Every Pest Infestation in Havering

If you suspect that pests are trying to take over your home, there is little you could do to stop them. Ordinary products bought from your local store would probably have a temporary effect if any at all. Instead of wasting time and allowing the infestation to get worse, simply leave the task to the professionals. Here’s why calling Toxic Respond would be a wise choice:

  • We react fast, and after the initial survey is over, all the appropriate treatment methods will be discussed between you and our pest technicians
  • Upon your agreement, the necessary eradication procedures will follow
  • After completely removing the infestation, our exterminators will advise you on the necessity of additional prevention services

Toxic Respond’s primary responsibility is to keep your family and pets safe. Our pest removal and control methods are designed to be as effective as they are harmless to people’s health. We know how to get rid of pests for good without causing any environmental damage whatsoever.


Toxic Respond’s pest control services are always close to the people of Havering: you can even request an emergency visit. Allow no room for compromise and take advantage of our expertise. Call now and make an appointment!


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    What clients are saying

    Veselin Boyadzhiev

    Very professional guys, very responsive. I sent my inquiry at night and they responded 5 minutes later, which was very surprising but in a good way. I was worried about that I have bed bugs, because I was getting bitten, and these guys found that wasn’t the case. They found fleas on my curtains and for 3 weeks no new bites so far, so I’m very happy with the service. I would recommend them to anyone for sure

    Veselin Boyadzhiev

    Leah Davies

    After suffering with bed bugs last Oct living in a flat …my anxiety is terrible now and so when I see my son had some bits my head was all over the place I rang toxic respond and they immediately sent some one out & they was professional and so so thorough we had no bugs and they reassured me enough I may get some sleep after a week of none! 🙂 They understood it’s not just bugs it’s people’s mental health & I feel I would definitely recommend and use again x thanks guys

    Leah Davies

    Iasmina Neagoe

    Toxic Respond was so responsive and I’m so happy with their services. I used their services twice and I will use them again if I need pest control in the future. They are so efficient, sending reports with photos and videos, so I knew what they did in my house and what I paid for. I would recommend this company to everyone

    Iasmina Neagoe

    Antony Dixey

    Toxic respond have been great from the get go… They saw a post of mine on Facebook showing bites on my 2yr old son and that we didn’t know for 100% what they were from or where to find the bugs.
    They offered us a free inspection which found fleas in and around the home left by previous tenants.
    After sorting us with a great price they came out two days later and worked there magic around the whole of our house. Two weeks later and so far so good no more bite on our lil man and no fleas seen either. Very happy and would recommend them highly.
    Keep up the good work guys.

    Antony Dixey

    Nuela da Silva

    This guy was so honest I couldn’t believe my luck. He could have lied and tell me that I needed lots of work, instead he provided me with practical and down to earth advice on how to proceed. You don’t find many business like that these days. Thanks for all the information and support. If you want reliable and honest advice on work you need , call toxic response.

    Nuela da Silva

    Emma Excell

    Toxic Respond were amazing! They have totally taken care of everything for us. They answered all my questions about the situation we had and eradicated all the bugs etc!
    They communicated everything with detailed reports with photos and videos. They were quick and very accommodating with timings.
    I highly recommend them! They were amazing!

    Emma Excell

    Michelle Wiid

    I’m a single mum of two young children and was at the end of my tether with these brown carpet beetles after trying everything I contacted this company after finding them on google and they literally came straight away to give a free inspection. Whilst they were here they offered to do the job there and then which has made me so happy. I had to leave them to go to a dentist appointment and they moved all the furniture and left my flat immaculate. I’m so so grateful thank you so much me and my kids can sleep tonight without worrying. Very professional very understanding and very very trustworthy. I 100% would recommend this company without hesitation thank you so much ?

    Michelle Wiid

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