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Brent Pest Control

Pest treatment and control is not a new service, but it takes a unique approach to do it right. Having your premises sprayed once is often not enough. It is vital to have an experienced specialists to assess and tackle your pest problem efficiently. Many Brent residents have told us that their experience with exterminators has not always been good. That is why we offer and deliver an excellent service to give a fast response and guaranteed pest infestation removal.

What Kind of Pest Extermination Services Do We Offer?

We are happy to provide a full range of pest treatment services, including removal, control and prevention. The effective methods of eradication we have adopted guarantee the best possible results. Solving the problem alone would most likely result in lost time, money and effort.

Using the safest insecticides is a must: we always do whatever it takes to protect our clients, family members, and pets. Having the right tools and products is only a part of the equation, though: like in many other fields of work, people are the critical factor. Our trained and certified technicians know what they are doing. You can count on them to carefully and swiftly assess the situation and locate the infestation source. After pinpointing it, it is all a matter of applying our proven eradication procedures. The exterminator will know how many processes are needed, and they will either suggest additional pest prevention services or give you some valuable advice.

  • Bed Bug Control Brent

The spread of bed bugs is a rising problem throughout the UK.
Our technicians use hot air and spray to eliminate bed bugs efficiently.

  • Moth Control Brent

Clothes moths can easily destroy your favourite clothes and furniture.
It’s always best to see professional help to get rid of these fabric pests.

  • Carpet Beetle Control Brent

They are another fabric pest that feeds only on carpets, clothes, furniture and other organic fabrics. To eradicate a carpet beetle infestation it’s always best to consult a professional.

Pest control services prices in Brent

Bed Bug Control from £200
Cockroach Control from £180
Moth Control from £160
Flea Control from £200
Ant Control from £160
Carpet Beetle Control from £160
Bed Bug Control from £200
Cockroach Control from £180
Moth Control from £160
Flea Control from £200
Ant Control from £160
Carpet Beetle Control from £160

When Do You Need to Hire a Pest Control Company in Brent?

Protecting your home from pests needs to be a high priority for you. People all over London, including those living in the Brent area, need to know those pest problems are something they should never neglect. Besides the damage bugs could cause, they could also harm your family’s health. Never underestimate a pest infestation and call the professionals as soon as you have the slightest doubt you might have such a situation at home. Heavily urbanised areas are always prone to infestations, but there are ways to eliminate annoying pests.

What Are the Most Common Pests Found in Homes?

Like any other area within the Capital City, Brent is attacked by almost every known type of pest we regularly deal with. Cockroaches, fleas or bed bugs – you name it! Sometimes can find more than one type of pest in a single property, but this is also the type of situation we can handle.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is the treatment safe?

    A: Our treatment methods are completely safe for people and pets as soon as the treated areas dry out.

    Q: Is the service guaranteed?

    A: Our guarantee terms depend on the chosen treatment method and to the specific situation. Our guarantee extends from 3 to 6 months and includes follow-up treatments free of charge.

    Q: Are you open on the weekends and during the holidays?

    A: We are open from 8 am to 9 pm 365 days a year.

    Q: How long treatment takes?

    A: The treatment duration varies depending on the treatment method and the size of the infested premises. Chemical spray treatments usually take between 60 to 90 minutes and the heat treatment takes between 6 to 12 hours.

    Q: Do you offer free inspection?

    A: The inspection charge is £80 and it will be deducted from the treatment if conducted on the same visit.

    Q: Do I need to vacate the property for the treatment?

    A: You need to vacate the property for the duration of the treatment and allow another 3 hours before it is safe to return to your home.

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