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We appreciate that it can be stressful when you notice a pest infestation in your Haringey home or business. Unfortunately, do it yourself solutions are rarely effective.


Whether you are struggling to get rid of bed bugs or carpet beetles, you need professional pest control services that can get the job done once and for all. We at Toxic Respond serve the Haringey community to help you reclaim your home and regain your peace of mind.


Our promise as trusted pest exterminators in Haringey:

  • Trained, friendly, and fully certified technicians
  • Our treatments are deadly for pests but safe for humans and pets

How Does Our Haringey Pest Control Works?

You can rest assured that our team is fully equipped to provide residents and businesses with reliable pest control in Haringey.

First we will inspect the property and determine the best course of action to help you get rid of your pest infestation. We appreciate that the presence of pests can be highly stressful and unhygienic, and that’s why you can rely on Toxic Respond to support your 24 hours a day every day.

Our certified technicians are PROMPT certified, which testifies for our excellence in pest control. PROMPT is a dedicated verification service for pest exterminators, ensuring we can provide you with professional service done by technicians who are up-to-date with the latest pest removal techniques and training.

We are committed to supporting you with fast and effective pest control treatment and full pest-proofing to prevent further issues.

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Bed Bug Control

The spread of bed bugs is a rising problem throughout the UK, especially in the Haringey areas. Our technicians use the heat treatment method to eliminate bed bugs efficiently.

Moth Control

Clothes moths can easily destroy your favourite clothes and furniture. It’s always best to see professional help to get rid of these fabric pests.

Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet beetles are another fabric pest that feeds only on carpets, clothes, furniture and other organic fabrics. It’s always best to consult a professional to eradicate a carpet beetle infestation.

Price List

Bed Bug Controlfrom £200
Cockroach Controlfrom £160
Moth Controlfrom £180
Flea Controlfrom £200
Ant Controlfrom £140
Carpet Beetle Controlfrom £160

What To Expect From Our Professional Pest Control Specialists?

At Toxic Respond, we are committed to supporting you through the full pest treatment process, including:

  • inspection
  • extermination
  • pest-proofing
  • aftercare programme

We rely on proven techniques and products to guarantee reliable, effective and safe extermination in Haringey, so residents can rest assured that pests will be gone forever.


Our technicians proceed to a full inspection of your property, so we can evaluate the type of pest infestation and its severity. We will always consider the size of your Haringey property and all safety concerns you might have when we recommend the right pest treatment. We pride ourselves on using a transparent cost policy to quote the best price based on your situation and the number of rooms requiring treatment.

Trusted Pest Control Services In Haringey

Toxic Respond strictly follows the best practices in the industry to guarantee full pest extermination and sanitisation in Haringey. We rely on products and procedures that are safe for residents and their pets.


You can fully trust our technicians getting rid of the following pests:

  • Carpet beetles, cockroaches and ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Fleas
  • Moths

So you can receive full reports of our activities, safe services in human-occupied spaces, and a complete aftercare programme.


Get in touch to book your pest treatment service in Haringey. To request a quote, please call 073 6658 3335.

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