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Pest infestations are not something you want to neglect: they require professional assistance. Many Londoners have already experienced the burden of having vermin inside their homes or offices. Those who have already suffered the consequences of a pest infestation know how important it is to appoint a trusted pest extermination company quickly.

Toxic Respond Offers the Full Range of Pest Control Services to Lambeth Residents

The best possible service is not always the most expensive: we are proud to be able to offer affordable yet effective pest treatment and control services. Our teams are always near when you need them.


Here is what we have in store for you:

  • Fast response and friendly services
  • Safe and effective products
  • Certified pest technicians
  • Discreet visits
  • Guaranteed pest removal and prevention methods
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Bed Bug Control

The spread of bed bugs is a rising problem throughout the UK, especially in Lambeth and nearby areas. Our technicians use the heat treatment method to eliminate bed bugs efficiently.

Moth Control

Clothes moths can easily destroy your favourite clothes and furniture. It’s always best to see professional help to get rid of these fabric pests.

Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet beetles are another fabric pest that feeds only on carpets, clothes, furniture and other organic fabrics. It’s always best to consult a professional to eradicate a carpet beetle infestation.

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Bed Bug Controlfrom £200
Cockroach Controlfrom £160
Moth Controlfrom £180
Flea Controlfrom £200
Ant Controlfrom £140
Carpet Beetle Controlfrom £160

Every Lambeth Pest Infestation Needs to Be Removed by a Professional Pest Exterminator

There are numerous reasons why you should not underestimate your pest problem. When you neglect the situation, it can quickly become worse. Dealing with the problem as soon as possible saves you a lot of potential trouble:

  • Vermin can cause a lot of damage: apart from contaminating your food, it can also destroy pieces of furniture, clothing, and upholstery in its path.
  • Most pests found all over Lambeth carry disease and bacteria, meaning that your family and pets are exposed to health risks.

Even if you are determined to get rid of the pests for good, doing it on your own would likely result in wasted time and effort. All the products bought from your local store will have no or a temporary effect. You need a solution that will remove the infestation, which is only possible when a professional exterminator tackles the task.

What Are the Services Toxic Respond Delivers to the London Borough of Lambeth?

Regardless of your pest-related problem’s severity, it requires attention and expertise. We are proud to offer proven pest treatment, control, removal, and prevention services, as well as aftercare. Bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, carpet beetles, moths and ants stand no chance against our effective products and methods. When you are after the most appropriate solution and the best result, call Toxic Respond.


Every case has a different scenario: several visits may be required for the pest’s complete eradication. In some situations, the proven method for pest eradication is steam treatment. Baiting is another standard method we apply. Our main priority is to get rid of pests without putting your family members or pets in danger.


Toxic Respond is always in your area! Get in touch with us, and you are guaranteed to forget about your pest problem.

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