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Kingston upon Thames is the perfect environment for vermin to thrive. As a result, people need professional pest extermination services more than ever before.


We created our company with a mission to provide a high-quality pest treatment and prevention service available to everyone in the capital city. All residents of the Kingston upon Thames area can take advantage of our service portfolio.

These are the services delivered to Kingston upon Thames by Toxic Respond

We are proud to be pest control, treatment, and prevention service provider. We guarantee full coverage of all Kingston boroughs. Our methods successfully eradicate cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, moths, fleas, and carpet beetles.


This is how we do it:

  • A careful initial survey is the first step to success
  • When we assess the situation, we will reveal what necessary actions we have to take
  • Upon your agreement, our skilled pest technicians will proceed to eradicate the infestation
  • Once all the procedures needed are applied, aftercare and prevention services are likely to be recommended
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Bed Bug Control

The spread of bed bugs is a rising problem throughout the UK, especially in Kingston upon Thames and nearby areas. Our technicians use the heat treatment method to eliminate bed bugs efficiently.

Moth Control

Clothes moths can easily destroy your favourite clothes and furniture. It’s always best to see professional help to get rid of these fabric pests.

Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet beetles are another fabric pest that feeds only on carpets, clothes, furniture and other organic fabrics. It’s always best to consult a professional to eradicate a carpet beetle infestation.

Price List

Bed Bug Controlfrom £200
Cockroach Controlfrom £160
Moth Controlfrom £180
Flea Controlfrom £200
Ant Controlfrom £140
Carpet Beetle Controlfrom £160

Kingston Upon Thames Residents Should Always Appoint Professional Pest Exterminators

A pest infestation is the kind of situation that you should never underestimate. Once you are sure that vermin are giving their best to take over your home, you should contact a pest control company immediately. Any time wasted will result in a more severe infestation, which is why trying to take care of it on your own is a mistake. While some products bought off-the-shelf in your local store could have a temporary effect, the only way to permanently eradicate pests from your commercial or residential property is to appoint a professional exterminator.

Here Is the Kind of Damage Pests Cause to Kingston Upon Thames Homes

No doubt that once vermin settle in your home, they can cause unimaginable damage. Apart from destroying carpets, upholstery, furniture, and clothing, some pests could also cause structural damage to the premises. Not only that, but most critters can easily contaminate all the surfaces inside your home and your food. Since pests are notorious bacteria and disease carriers, they could cause illnesses and inflammations. Avoiding such a threat is only possible by hiring a pest treatment service operator such as Toxic Respond.


Our top priority is keeping you safe while successfully removing any pest infestation. The proven methods we apply when dealing with pests will get the job done without putting your family or pets in danger. We use the latest and most effective products, pesticides, and insecticides.

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