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Bed bugs, cockroaches and the rest of the pest types known to terrorise the people of London cause many problems when left untreated. Some people tend to neglect pest-related issues, which is a mistake. Except for being annoying, most critters are capable of significant damage, not to mention the health risks related to them: cockroaches, and ticks carry bacteria and diseases that could cause serious illness.

Why Choose Our Pest Extermination Services in Croydon?

Those who have already suffered a pest infestation would probably tell you that not all professional services are guaranteed to bring you the ultimate result. Sometimes people end up paying a hefty bill without seeing the expected results.


True professionals never leave room for compromise or doubt. That is why Toxic Respond’s reputation is solid as a rock. Delivering high-quality services is our mission, and we strive for perfection every time we respond to an inquiry. Our years of experience in the pest control and treatment business taught us that constant development is the key to success.

These are the pros of hiring Toxic Respond to solve your pest-related problem:

  • Safe and effective products, insecticides, and pesticides
  • Trained professionals with plenty of experience
  • Discreet service and friendly attitude
  • Precision and efficiency
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Bed Bug Control

The spread of bed bugs is a rising problem throughout the UK, especially in the Croydon areas. Our technicians use the heat treatment method to eliminate bed bugs efficiently.

Moth Control

Clothes moths can easily destroy your favourite clothes and furniture. It’s always best to see professional help to get rid of these fabric pests.

Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet beetles are another fabric pest that feeds only on carpets, clothes, furniture and other organic fabrics. It’s always best to consult a professional to eradicate a carpet beetle infestation.

Price List

Bed Bug Controlfrom £200
Cockroach Controlfrom £160
Moth Controlfrom £180
Flea Controlfrom £200
Ant Controlfrom £140
Carpet Beetle Controlfrom £160

Discrete and Effective Croydon Pest Control Service

Croydon’s continually growing population makes pest infestations a more common problem than ever. Vermin love heavily-urbanised areas because they find food and shelter there. Even if you try to prevent an infestation by maintaining a high level of hygiene, you could still have a pest problem. One of the most important things you could do is to store all food products properly. Regularly leaving food out in the open will eventually attract bugs; you don’t want them in your house.

When Is the Right Time to Call Professional Pest Exterminators?

The sooner you contact a pest control company, the better. There is no point in waiting, as the pest infestation will never remove itself. Getting rid of it alone will probably cost you additional time and money with zero results.


Our trained pest technicians can quickly determine the type and scale of the pest problem. They will know how to treat the premises immediately after the initial survey. Several visits may be required, depending on the situation and the size of the infested premises. After they do the last scheduled treatment, technicians will advise whether you should opt for additional prevention services.

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