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    Bed Bug Control London

    Bed bugs are one of the most common indoor pests found in London homes. Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy task, which is why you better let pest control experts handle it. Our practise as a pest control company in London involves three super-effective bed bug removal methods proven over time:


    Heat and Spray: we recommend this method the most. Dry steam targeted at specific areas instantly removes bed bugs regardless of their current life stage. Next, a spraying procedure exterminates all insects remaining in hard-to-reach places where the heater is incapable of being fully effective. This combined method is guaranteed to solve the pest problem with just a couple of treatment procedures.


    Heat Only: a safe and efficient method used mostly in cases where the affected premises are constantly occupied, and people cannot leave the place for three hours straight.


    Spray Only: this method knocks out all bed bugs for good and also serves as a prevention of their future reproduction.

    Why Choose Our Bed Bug Extermination Services in London?

    We only use top-quality products designed for professional bed bug pest control and extermination. Our products guarantee a safe environment for people and pets while ensuring the complete pest eradication and prevention of further infestation.


    Our London bed bug exterminators are fully qualified and certified. They have years of experience in the field and have helped many households. After our technicians have completed the bed bugs treatment it is safe to regain control of the premises in 3 hours.


    In some cases with a severe bed bug infestation, multiple treatments are required to ensure permanent results and a bed bug-free home. Your active participation and awareness will be needed for any expert bed bug treatment to be successful.

    Professional Bed Bug Removal and Control Are Down to Four Simple Steps:



    Get in touch with us via a message or a call. We are always available for a short notice appointment.



    A home inspection needs to be conducted. After assessing the situation, our Toxic Respond technician will suggest the best bed bug treatment method for your case.



    Our experienced team will proceed with applying all procedures necessary, following a strict protocol. The best results are guaranteed.



    The Toxic Respond professionals will advise you on what to do to prevent future infestation. Additional treatment of the premises is possible upon request.

    Bed Bug Treatment Prices

    Quality is not always unaffordable. We offer our bed bug treatment services in London at reasonable cost, which depend on the individual case, the exact location, and the number of visits.

    1 Bedroom - £2001 Bedroom - £140
    2 Bedrooms - £2402 Bedrooms - £160
    3 Bedrooms - £2803 Bedrooms - £180
    4+ bedrooms - quote after inspection
    4+ bedrooms - quote after inspection

    Why You Should Book Our Bed Bug Control


    A thorough inspection is half a treatment. Finding all the bed bug nests is crucial, and we can promise to our clients that not a single corner in their property will be left uninspected!

    Expert prevention

    We offer the most efficient methods on the market. We promise that only the top professional products and equipment for bed bug extermination will be used in our treatments.


    We can always provide an initial visit to your London property to assess the results of the treatment. All you need to do is to contact us, and we will book you in for a visit.

    Professional treatment

    Our Specialists will give you valuable information about where bed bugs come from to your home and how to prevent them from infesting your property.

    How Long Does it Take To Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

    Professional heat and spray treatment in lightly affected environments can help you get rid of bed bugs in literally one go. On the other hand, severe infestations can take multiple visits to be 100% successfully handled.


    You can have your treatment duration prognosis as soon as our bed bugs control expert visits your home in London and assesses the level of infestation. What’s left afterwards is to brace yourself, follow their advice strictly, and get ready to have your home all for yourself once again.


    Because bed bugs are hard to handle you need a reliable pest control service by your side!

    What Are Bed Bugs Exactly?

    Common bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, wingless, and blood-feeding insects. Their favourite living environment is soft, dark, and easy to hide deep into – usually bedding and sofas, but also wooden furniture, carpets, and closets.


    The size and shape of bed bugs entirely depend on their stage of development. They are either drop-shaped or oval and can reach a length of around 7mm (0.3 inches), and though you can easily spot one on top of the mattress, that’s highly improbable. The reason is that the little invaders usually reside deep into the debris of the furniture to feed on your blood, generally while you’re sleeping. Well-fed bed bugs can grow up to six times their weight and increase their size by approximately 50%. An adult bug feeds once every 4-5 days, but the young ones feed more often. The body of an adult bed bug is hugely resistant to pressure when not fed.


    They are hard to control and require a professional removal approach. The female bug lays up to 5 eggs a day and can lay up to 500 for her entire life. Bed bugs prefer laying their eggs on wood, upholstery, in sockets, under carpets, in cabinets, and other rough surfaces. When they lay eggs, the females release a sticky substance that holds the eggs clinging to the surface.


    Bed bugs prefer dark places, slits and crevices, bed frames, and any other spot that is difficult to reach. They prefer to stay close to the bed they have targeted for invasion. Since their senses are highly developed, they can feel when their prey is sleeping, which is their feeding time. Bed bugs are hardly noticeable in cases when the infestation is moderate, and you could fail to realise your home has been infested.

    Ready to schedule an appointment?

    Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

    Bed bugs are natural hitchhikers. They travel by sticking on to your clothing, bags, and luggage on the go and then getting comfortable in their new home – wherever you take them.


    The most common places you can catch bed bugs from include, for example:
    ● Hotels, hostels, and other tourist accommodations;
    ● Public transportation – trains, buses, aeroplanes, etc.
    ● Public spaces, dining facilities, and multi-tenant buildings;
    ● A friend’s or a relative’s house;
    ● Or literally any place else.


    You have little to no control over the hygiene of places you don’t maintain by yourself, so bed bugs can come from literally everywhere.
    Does Anything Attract Them Specifically?
    It’s a myth that bed bugs are attracted to dirty places. The only things that genuinely attract them are warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide. Having bed bugs doesn’t mean that your place has a low hygiene standard. Even if you maintain your home to the highest hygiene standards it won’t stop bed bugs from forming their colony once they arrive.


    Is There Any Prevention Against Bed Bugs?


    Here are a few things to consider if you want to keep your home safe from bed bugs:
    ● Always take away and wash your clothing when you enter your home, especially if you’ve been travelling;
    ● Perform regular vacuuming to eliminate any unwanted hitchhikers;
    ● Use protective bed covering, including a high-quality mattress protector;
    ● When sleeping outside your home, always check the bedding for signs of bed bugs;
    ● When travelling, always keep your textiles in vacuum-sealed bags;
    ● Cut the clutter in your home to reduce the potential hiding places for bed bugs;
    ● Avoid buying second-hand furniture, or if you do – always do an out-and-out examination;
    ● Always take second-hand clothing and accessories to the dry cleaner before you bring it home;
    ● Proceed with caution when using shared laundry facilities – always take your textiles back and forth in sealed bags and aim for minimum contact.


    No matter how strictly you follow all of the above, bed bug prevention is never 100% guaranteed. Spotting the very first signs of an infestation may happen to be the difference between a minor issue and a total catastrophe.

    What Are the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home?

    You can easily overlook the first signs of a bed bug infestation as accidental. Still, don’t hesitate to call pest control experts for inspection if you notice any of the following signs:


    ● If you find the parasites or their eggs, there is no doubt that you’re dealing with an infestation. The eggs resemble tiny rice grains and can be found on the mattress, all over the bed frame, headboard, chairs, cabinets, and any other piece of furniture made of wood or textiles.


    ● Skin irritation, bites, and rashes. At first, you may mistake it for an allergic reaction or an unforeseen sensitivity towards an unknown irritant. Bed bug bites usually appear on areas of your skin that are exposed during the night: your arms, your neck, your face, etc. They look like little red spots grouped in lines or clusters. The itchiness can vary from minor to severe, depending on how your skin reacts.


    ● A repelling odour. Having your bed smell bad, even if it’s ideally taken care of, is a red flag. In time, bed bug-infested areas get full of tiny blood drops, rotting faeces, and skin particles. And yes – that’s not the best fragrance in the world.


    ● Dark spots or blood stains on your bedding and furniture. Don’t imagine a horror crime scene here: these can be really small and even mistaken for some other kind of staining. Seeing these signs can indicate that the infestation is already spreading fast, so a professional shall arrive as soon as possible.


    ● If you notice small black dots on your bedding, mattress, bed frame, or other surfaces that are near the parasite’s hiding place. The dots are bed bug faeces, which are extremely difficult to clean. Bed bugs leave these behind when they are well-fed and have significantly increased their size. Thus they are unable to jump back into their hiding spots.

    When is the Right Time to Call a Professional Pest Control company?

    The short answer to this is – immediately after spotting the first signs of an infestation. Even if you’re not sure it’s bed bugs – don’t postpone the call and on-site visit by a licensed bed bug removal specialist.


    The timely reaction is crucial for bed bug control. The sooner we arrive, the easier and more successful our endeavours will be.

    Professional Bed Bug Treatment Alternatives

    Suppose a bed bug infestation is confirmed. In that case, bed bug treatment experts have to act swiftly, and they have to act intelligently. What does intelligently mean? Put simply – in the most efficient way possible, without harming you, your family, pets, or belongings. But still – exterminating every last one of the invaders.


    What Does The Service Include?


    Infestation assessment, treatment plan, on-site bed bug treatment procedures, ongoing support on handling the situation between visits. The bed bug treatment services include four essential elements, as follows:


    ● Initial Inspection of your London property, followed by an assessment of the infestation and the preparation of a tailored treatment program.


    ● Professional on-site treatment with heat or spray, following the pre-designed plan for tools, approaches, and solutions.


    ● Ongoing monitoring and reaction to how the bed bugs handle the chosen treatment method.


    ● Professional prevention and result maintenance tips tailored to your setting, way of living, and personal situation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I reschedule my appointment?

    A: Yes, you have the right to reappoint the survey. All you need to do is give us a call and ask for a new appointment.

    Q: What is the most common cause of a bed bug infestation?

    A: Bed bugs thrive in all conditions, regardless of the level of hygiene maintained. You could easily carry them inside through clothes and luggage without realising it.

    Q: When will the treated premises be safe for humans and pets to return to?

    A: We only use products that are safe for your family and pets. When spray treatment is required, you can return home three hours after we finish the process.

    Q: Can I do something about a severe infestation in my house?

    A: Unfortunately, most household products sold on the market, are not as effective as you might think, and will not, in most cases, solve the problem.

    Q: When is the right time to call the professionals if I detect an infestation?

    A: There is no need to wait a single minute after noticing the bed bug infestation. The sooner you call a professional pest control operator, the better.

    Q: What needs to be done in case of a severe bed bug infestation?

    A: Combined Heat and Spray treatment is usually the method we apply when we deal with severe infestations. When the natural products and methods fail, heat is what we use to eradicate bed bugs and their larvae.

    What clients are saying

    Veselin Boyadzhiev

    Very professional guys, very responsive. I sent my inquiry at night and they responded 5 minutes later, which was very surprising but in a good way. I was worried about that I have bed bugs, because I was getting bitten, and these guys found that wasn’t the case. They found fleas on my curtains and for 3 weeks no new bites so far, so I’m very happy with the service. I would recommend them to anyone for sure

    Veselin Boyadzhiev

    Leah Davies

    After suffering with bed bugs last Oct living in a flat …my anxiety is terrible now and so when I see my son had some bits my head was all over the place I rang toxic respond and they immediately sent some one out & they was professional and so so thorough we had no bugs and they reassured me enough I may get some sleep after a week of none! 🙂 They understood it’s not just bugs it’s people’s mental health & I feel I would definitely recommend and use again x thanks guys

    Leah Davies

    Iasmina Neagoe

    Toxic Respond was so responsive and I’m so happy with their services. I used their services twice and I will use them again if I need pest control in the future. They are so efficient, sending reports with photos and videos, so I knew what they did in my house and what I paid for. I would recommend this company to everyone

    Iasmina Neagoe

    Linda Zuck

    This company is amazing. It was such a huge relief to discover them after a dreadful experience with a larger company who were 3 times as expensive for a useless service. Toxic Respond properly sorted out a hideous moth infestation. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Linda Zuck

    Nuela da Silva

    This guy was so honest I couldn’t believe my luck. He could have lied and tell me that I needed lots of work, instead he provided me with practical and down to earth advice on how to proceed. You don’t find many business like that these days. Thanks for all the information and support. If you want reliable and honest advice on work you need , call toxic response.

    Nuela da Silva

    Emma Excell

    Toxic Respond were amazing! They have totally taken care of everything for us. They answered all my questions about the situation we had and eradicated all the bugs etc!
    They communicated everything with detailed reports with photos and videos. They were quick and very accommodating with timings.
    I highly recommend them! They were amazing!

    Emma Excell

    Emma Burchett

    We had a problem with mice in our house and had tried many home solutions with little effect. After contacting Toxic response they came round within half an hour giving us a free quote. They were incredible my professional and allowed us time to consult with our landlady. They laid baits and within a week the mice are gone! They are also coming back to help mouse proof the outside of the house to prevent reoccurrence. Not only have they solved our problem but they were incredibly responsive and had great communication with us. Toxic response are also very determined to ensure the work is done and to a high quality to prevent any future problems. Thank you again!! Emma and Cara

    Emma Burchett

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