Can Cockroaches Come From My Neighbours and How to Solve This?

The sight of a cockroach scurrying across your bathroom or kitchen can send shivers down anyone's spine. It's common knowledge that cockroaches are attracted to messy, dirty environments where they can find food and shelter. But what if you keep your home meticulously clean, yet these unwelcome guests keep appearing? The culprit might be your neig [...]

2024-04-03T21:55:06+01:00April 2, 2024|

All you need to know about cockroaches

Studies have shown that cockroaches have been around since the time of dinosaurs. They are a crucial food source for birds, mice, and rats. So if cockroaches happen to disappear, we will be having a problem with the so-called “nitrogen cycle.” Cockroaches feed primarily on decaying matter which contains nitrogen. After that, they release that nitro [...]

2024-03-21T07:48:12+00:00January 24, 2022|

What Attracts Cockroaches In The House

Cockroaches are highly adaptive survivors, commonly known for their ability to endure challenging environments, tolerate long-spun lack of food, and tolerate some rather hostile living conditions. There are tens of different cockroach species, each attracted to different environments, temperatures, and food sources. From warm and humid spaces to da [...]

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