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Is your beloved pet constantly scratching, leaving you concerned? Are you constantly itching due to bites on your shins or ankles? These symptoms could be indicative of a flea infestation on your property. Put an end to the nuisance caused by these jumping pests with professional flea treatment in London by Toxic Respond! Don’t delay—act swiftly and ensure the swift eradication of fleas from your house.

Fleas pose a significant threat in London and worldwide, as they trigger allergic reactions and transmit diseases when they bite animals. It is crucial to prioritise professional flea control treatments to mitigate these health risks effectively.

Why You Need Professional Flea Control?

The most obvious sign of a flea infestation is seeing fleas hopping on your carpet, furniture, drapery, family, or pets. Fleas measure just one to three millimetres long but are still visible to the naked eye.

You may also notice some of the following signs of a flea problem:

  • Flea bites on family members and pets
  • Pets frequently itch or bite their skin

Fleas can also be mistaken for other pests. A professional exterminator can inspect your property and verify whether you need flea treatment or a different form of pest control. If you suspect that you have a flea infestation, do not hesitate to contact experienced flea exterminators in London.

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    Professional Flea Removal and Control Are Down to Four Simple Steps:

    1. Contact

    As soon as you notice the problem, you are advised to contact our team and arrange for a pest technician to visit your home.

    2. Survey

    The initial inspection will reveal the extent of the flea-related problem and the appropriate means of dealing with it once and for all.

    3. Treatment

    Our team will proceed with the application of the chosen flea treatment method. The best result possible is guaranteed.

    4. Aftercare

    Additional pest-proofing is required in some cases, which entirely depends on the severity of the particular situation.

    Flea Control Prices

    We offer the best price/quality ratio on the flea pest control market. Our affordable services are available throughout London.

    Spray flea treatment starts at £200 for a 1-room home. A flea exterminator will use insecticidal spray for households with no pets on the infested premises. Full flea eradication can require several visits.

    Combined heat and spray flea treatment starts from £500. The treatment is recommended for households with pets. We use professional industrial heaters for complete flea extermination after one visit with no risk for your pet.

    1 Bedroom – £200 1 Bedroom – £500
    2 Bedrooms – £240 2 Bedrooms – £950
    3 Bedrooms – £280 3 Bedrooms – £1200
    4+ Bedrooms – quote upon inspection only 4+ Bedrooms – quote upon inspection only
    1 Bedroom – £200
    2 Bedrooms – £240
    3 Bedrooms – £280
    4+ Bedrooms – quote upon inspection only
    1 Bedroom – £500
    2 Bedrooms – £950
    3 Bedrooms – £1200
    4+ Bedrooms – quote upon inspection only

    Understanding Our Flea Control Process

    Spray and Steam Treatment

    Insecticide spray treatment is an effective method for combating fleas, those pesky insects that infest our homes and cause discomfort for humans and pets. The insecticide sprays specifically designed for flea control contain chemicals targeting fleas at different life cycle stages, including eggs, larvae, and adult fleas. When applied correctly, these sprays can quickly eliminate flea populations and provide residual protection against reinfestation. The insecticide spray is typically used to infested areas where fleas reside, such as carpets, furniture, and pet bedding.

    Flea Heat Treatment

    Our heat treatment is conducted by professional technicians with the equipment and expertise to perform the procedure safely and effectively. By utilising heat as a powerful tool against fleas, this treatment option offers a reliable and environmentally friendly approach to flea control. When we undertake heat treatment for fleas in London, we employ a comprehensive approach to eradicate the infestation. Our trained technicians will arrive equipped with specialised heat treatment equipment, such as industrial heaters and fans. They will strategically position the equipment throughout the infested area, ensuring the desired temperature is reached and maintained consistently. The high temperatures, typically between 55°C to 60°C, penetrate carpets, upholstery, cracks, and crevices, exterminating fleas in all life stages, including eggs and larvae. The technicians will carefully monitor the process to ensure that the targeted areas reach the necessary temperatures for a sufficient duration, typically several hours. Using heat as a chemical-free solution, we deliver an efficient and environmentally friendly flea control service, providing our clients with effective results and long-lasting relief from infestations.

    How to Prepare for Flea Removal?

    Preparing your property can increase the effectiveness of the flea control service.
    Before the treatment, you should tidy up your home or business to eliminate clutter and provide access to areas where fleas are more likely to hide. The areas around walls and baseboards should be easy to reach.

    You should also vacuum and sweep, as you need to avoid cleaning the floors after the flea removal to allow the insecticide to work. Along with the floors, vacuum furniture, especially in the crevices and underneath cushions.

    If you have pets, consider taking them to the vet. You should inspect your pets for fleas, as they are often responsible for bringing them into the house. Sometimes, you may need to treat your pets for fleas before returning them to your home.
    All people and pets must vacate the premises for the treatment. Our flea control in London involves using insecticides that need to dry before the premises are safe to inhabit.

    What Should You Do After Flea Control?

    The insecticides need to dry for at least three hours before you return inside. You should also avoid vacuuming or cleaning the treated areas for 15-21 days after the extermination. Waiting for the insecticides to work helps increase the chances of eliminating fleas completely.

    After you vacuum for the first time, empty the contents or toss the bag outdoors. Vacuuming decreases the chances of any remaining fleas escaping and spreading through the property.

    Continue to vacuum each day after the first vacuuming. You are likely to notice dead fleas and their eggs. Limiting your pet’s exposure to the outdoors is also a good idea, as they may attract more fleas and bring them inside.

    The insecticides will continue to kill fleas for several weeks after treatment, but protecting your pets from fleas will help keep them away from the house for good.

    Don’t hesitate and enjoy a pest-free home today

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do fleas feed?

    A: Fleas feed on mammal blood, meaning that you and your pet are potential victims. Female fleas can consume a quantity of up to 15 times their weight daily.

    Q: When is the right moment to call a pest control company?

    A: The moment you realise you are dealing with a flea infestation is the best time to call the exterminators. Don’t wait until the problem becomes severe.

    Q: Can I make an appointment during the Coronavirus lockdown?

    A: You can make an appointment any time you decide, including during the lockdown. Our pest technicians are working fulltime.

    Q: Will I be able to get rid of the fleas myself?

    A: Chasing fleas away on your own is almost impossible, but there is plenty you could do to prevent them from infesting your home. Treating your pet regularly with the right product is the first step.

    Q: Can I arrange for an inspection by a pest controller at weekends?

    A: Yes, you can call and make an appointment for the weekend. We work 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Q: Is it possible for an appointment to be rescheduled?

    A: Changing your appointment is possible. All you need to do is get in touch with our operators and arrange a different time or date.

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