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Tired of moths destroying your clothes, furniture, and food? Toxic Respond is a London based pest control company that provides professional and effective moth control services at affordable rates. Using our safe, reliable, and industry-approved moth extermination methods will ensure that there will not be a single little intruder left around. Depending on the level of moth infestation, we can guarantee total eradication after one or two treatments.

Moths are a common menace found in many homes across London. They could easily destroy all kinds of upholstery, clothing, and rugs. Storing food out in the open is not a good idea, as pantry moths are capable of infesting your kitchen faster than you might think. Trying to deal with such a situation on our own is borderline impossible, but our proven moth control experts will get the job done.

Why Do You Need Professional Moth Pest Control?

Moths are hard to get rid off and they can ruin plenty of your belongings, including clothing, textiles, curtains, carpets, and even furniture upholstery.

Except for the closets and the wardrobes, moths can also reside in your kitchen. They will feed on dried and packaged goods, including flour, grains, dried fruit, etc. You can see signs of them in jars and boxes, as well as pre-contaminated packaged foods you have brought home.

Given the pace moths multiply at, there is one fundamental rule to follow when you notice the first signs of an infestation in your property. Just give a call to your pest control company immediately before a minor problem turns into a disaster.

We have been dealing with pests all over London, and we are good at what we do. Years of experience in the trade has helped us create a simple and effective set of methods guaranteed to achieve great results.

After the initial survey, our trained moth exterminators will tackle the task of fully removing the moths from your home or office. Optional aftercare services are available as well.

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    Follow These Four Steps To Make Your Home Moth-Free

    1. Contact

    Give us a call or send an inquiry today. We will make arrangements for a Toxic Respond technician to inspect the infested area as soon as possible.

    2. Survey

    The technician will carefully inspect the premises and suggest the most appropriate moth treatment method according to the scale of infestation.

    3. Treatment

    Proceeding with the treatment process is the most important step. By using the best products available, your home is guaranteed to be moth-free in no time.

    4. Aftercare

    Follow-up visits are required sometimes. Our technicians are always prepared to give you additional advice on moth infestation prevention where required.

    Moth Control Prices

    We provide quality moth control and treatment services at very reasonable rates. Prices may vary depending on the size of the area to be treated.

    1 Bedroom property – £160 1 Bedroom – £500
    2 Bedroom property – £200 2 Bedrooms – £950
    3 Bedroom property – £240 3 Bedrooms – £1200
    4+ Bedroom property – quote upon inspection only 4+ Bedrooms – quote upon inspection only
    1 Bedroom property – £160
    2 Bedroom property – £200
    3 Bedroom property – £240
    4+ Bedroom property – quote upon inspection only
    1 Bedroom – £500
    2 Bedrooms – £950
    3 Bedrooms – £1200
    4+ Bedrooms – quote upon inspection only

    Professional Treatment and Removal of Moths in London

    Making sure moths are entirely eradicated is what we do. The proper means of moth control treatment include repellents placed strategically around the infested premises, but steam or fumigation is what eradicates moths. There are specific steps about the full moth extermination process that you will be briefed on after the initial inspection.

    There are several methods used by Toxic Respond that can help you remedy your moth problem without causing you any additional frustration.

    Steam Treatment: One way to get rid of moths is to use heat treatment. Our steam method exterminates all moth larvae and eggs in direct contact with powerful 180°C steam, and it’s safe for your furnishings and furniture.

    If you have more delicate items or clothing infested, we can perform light steam treatment instead of applying high heat.

    Fumigation / ULV Cold Fogging: At Toxic Respond, we use insecticides officially confirmed to be perfectly safe for humans and pets. They don’t cause any side effects, so your health will not be put at risk in any way.

    Insecticides will instantly remove the adult moths from your home, but their eggs and larvae are more stubborn. To increase the efficiency of the treatment, you may need to undergo more than one procedure to make sure everything is removed.

    Upon the initial on-site inspection, our experts will give you personalized advice on treating the infestation in the most effective way possible.

    Are domestic moth control products effective?

    If you are dealing with a moth infestation in your home you may not see any results by using non-professional and user-class domestic products. They prove to be not merely ineffective compared to heat treatment and other professional chemical treatments but also potentially dangerous for the residents and pets.

    What are the Signs of a Moth Infestation?

    There are over 2,500 types of moths in the UK. Still, they can be categorised into three groups only based on their favourite food – clothes, carpets, and other kitchen-stored foods.

    Of course, the easiest way to detect any type of moth infestation is to see flying or crawling moths around your house. But, in addition, you should keep your eyes open for some larvae, maggots, and silken cocoons.

    If you don’t see the pests themselves, you can start noticing the damage they’ve managed to do so far. For example, suppose you discover tiny holes in your clothes or other household fabrics. In that case, you are most probably having a moth infestation.

    Either way, you should initiate the moth removal process as soon as possible after becoming suspicious.

    Can You Prevent a Moth Problem?

    There is not a single miracle solution for sealing your property against moths. They can find their own way in, but they can also be brought along – with infested foods, improperly cleaned second-hand garments, etc.

    Some prevention tips to consider may include:

    • Keep household fabrics clean – it is crucial to clean all of your soft furnishings regularly and carefully. Especially if you notice some eggs or larvae on them. Keep your rugs, bedclothes, blankets, and towels fresh and washed.
    • Use a vacuum cleaner often – when you vacuum regularly, you will remove the existing larvae and eggs from your home. This is very convenient for surfaces like carpets, pillows, and curtains. Make sure to clean the bag or container when you finish.
    • Check the storage – we all have some additional clothing in the storage. The best practice is to dry-clean them regularly, from time to time. Even better if you can store them in airtight containers and not in suitcases.
    • Ventilate – most of the moths prefer moisture, so they are looking for damp rooms. If you want to remove them from your home, provide the rooms with fresh air and make sure to reduce the moisture in your closet.

    White-Shouldered Moths

    White-shouldered moths are, unfortunately, a common problem that occurs in most London homes. In such cases, there is nothing better to do than apply spray or fumigation treatment. As these critters don’t feed, their larvae must be found and completely eradicated. All carpeted surfaces and upholstered pieces of furniture need to be sprayed for achieving the ultimate result.

    Clothes Moths

    Adult clothes moths are harmless, and they cause no damage at all, as they feed on flower nectar. Their larvae, on the other hand, can destroy all kinds of clothing and upholstery, which is why they need to be removed. Professional spraying is what gets the job done.

    Brown House Moths

    Brown house moths are a common threat to Londoners. They are easily recognisable. An adult moth measures at up to 14mm of length and has a brown body with three or four darker spots. Brown house moth larvae prefer fabrics of animal origins, such as wool and fur. They can destroy most pieces of clothing and textile within their reach.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What could attract moths inside my home?

    A: Everything made of silk, fur, wool, and other textiles and fabrics are what clothes moths larvae feed on. Food supplies left out in the open are a common cause of brown house moths and white-shouldered house moths.

    Q: How do I know if I am dealing with a clothes moth infestation?

    A: If you notice unexplainable holes in textile surfaces and clothes, then your house is likely to be infested with moths. You could also notice silk cocoons lying inside cabinets and drawers.

    Q: Is it possible for a clothes moth treatment appointment to be rescheduled?

    A: Yes, we can make another appointment as soon as you get in touch with us. Your convenience is among our top priorities.

    Q: What do I need to do if I find clothes moth larvae inside my home?

    A: The first thing you can do when you encounter the larvae is to vacuum all surfaces, especially the carpeted ones. Changing the vacuum bags is important, too.

    Q: Should I wait for the Coronavirus lockdown to be cancelled if I want to call an exterminator?

    A: No, there is no need for you to wait, as exterminators are allowed to operate during the lockdown. Call a professional as soon as you notice signs of infestation.

    Q: How can I prevent Brown house moth and White-shouldered house moth from taking over my home?

    A: Regularly vacuuming the premises would help a lot. Make sure you never keep food products out, as Brown house moth and White-shouldered house moth moths could easily find it.