What Is the Difference Between Mice and Rats?

Rodents have plenty of things in common. They’re intrusive, good at hiding, and sleazy. However, not all rodents are equal, not even similar-looking ones like mice and rats. Although the rodents share the same biological order, they’re different animals. Mice are often smaller than rats and have longer tails relative to their bodies. Plus, they ha [...]

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How mice enter homes?

Mice are pesky rodents that cause havoc in households all over the world. Often, owners are surprised to hear mice’s unmistakable sounds crawling between the walls or chewing away at something. As mice are very tiny, even the most well-built houses are no match for their creativity. At least one (probably more) mouse has found a way to get into you [...]

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How to Find a Hole Where Mice Are Coming From in a House

If we go by “Tom & Jerry”, the holes house mice use are very obvious. In reality, though, things are quite different. Real mice can use very small holes. So small, you may not even expect that it would be possible. Many house owners resort to traps and poisons to confront the issue. Actually, this is not really a solution to the cause as it wo [...]

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