Bed bugs can live everywhere indoors. In houses, apartments, movie theaters, hospitals, trains, buses, airplanes, schools – everywhere! These pests can live for several months without feeding. That means if you are away on a long – time vacation, they will hibernate well hidden in their shelters, and peacefully wait for your return. – Not impressed yet? Okay, that`s fine. Keep reading then.

Here it is something you may still don`t know.

Bed bugs are intelligent. They have a strong survival instinct and really know how to hide well. Bed bugs find shelters in dark places, slits and crevices, bed frames, and pretty much anywhere they can`t be spotted. They prefer their hidden spots to be close to the beds of their victims. Their sense is highly developed, which allows them to know when you are in a deep sleep through the amount of carbon dioxide you exhale. No matter when you prefer to sleep, at daytime or nighttime, the bed bugs will adjust according to your sleeping regime so that they can feed on your blood undisturbed. Adult bed bug needs to feed every 5-10 days. When they don`t feed, they digest the food, mate and lay eggs instead. People often wonder why they don`t wake up by the time when they get bitten by bed bugs. Well, the components in bed bug saliva act as an anesthetic and promote increased blood flow at the bite site. That makes the feeding process quick and painless.

Do you know how the bed bugs are fertilized? No? Well, if we haven`t impressed you so far, then get ready to be shocked!
Their breeding habits are horrific! While mating, the male stabs the females’ abdomen and injects its sperm into the wound. SHOCKER! Right?
The female bed bugs lay one to seven eggs a day, and as a result, within a month or two, your home may have thousands of bed bugs actively living in it. So, waiting even just for a day longer to take action can make a huge difference.