Common Bed Bug problems

Many people in London lose their sleep because of a bed bug infestation. It could be a nightmare to find these parasites on your bed. Bed bugs feed on human blood and reproduce rapidly. One female can lay up to 150 eggs for a month. The adult specimen feeds once every 4-5 days, but there is no evidence for bed bugs spread diseases. The severe troubles they can cause are losing your sleep and suffer some mental problems.

Many people in London develop paranoia after encountering these parasites at home. Long after the completed extermination of bed bugs,
some of our customers share that they continue to feel the parasite presence and itch on their body. Even when there are no more signs of infestation and haven`t received new bites on the skin.

Where are the Bed Bugs coming from to our homes?

We should start with that bed bugs very rarely can be found outdoors in London. The fact they don`t prefer to live outside, regardless of location and temperature, doesn`t mean they won`t. The most common ways to catch bed bugs and bring them home are travel by plane and sleeping in cheap hotel rooms. Luggage departments at airports are ones of the most infested places in the world. That is a really unsolvable problem. People travel all around the globe and carry the parasite with their luggage. Bed bugs are called “HitchHikers” because they travel around the world by infesting our suitcases with the only purpose to get to our homes. From one suitcase to another, they make sure their task to settle will be completed. It is very rarely bed bugs to move from one flat to another and from one house to the next one.

How to prevent our luggage from being infested by Bed bugs?

Before putting your clothes in the suitcase, it is good to pack them into a plastic bag with a sealant (zipper, caps, vacuum bags), because bed bugs can smell us on our belongings and easily recognize our luggage. Avoid carrying unwashed clothes in your luggage. Less smell, less chance to catch bed bugs. If you are on holiday or vacation and you are planning to sleep in a Hotel room, then the first thing to do when you get there is to check under the mattress and behind the headboard for signs of bed bugs like faeces (black dots), eggs or the parasite itself. If it`s possible, try to keep your luggage away from the floor and away from the bed. Always check your suitcase and your luggage for bed bugs when you get home, and wash everything that can be washed on 60 degrees Celsius or shake your clothes thoroughly through the window.

What to do if your home is already infested with bed bugs?

We strongly recommend not to use commercial products! They have a short-term effect and worsen the problem. For complete extermination of bed bugs, pest control services are required. If you still decided to try your luck and you are going to use some commercial products, then you need to know a couple of things before you do the treatment.

  1. Bed bugs are very resistant to a low concentration of insecticides.
  2. They can sense the poison, and they will try anything to survive. If you treat only one room, it is more likely bed bugs to move to the other untreated areas, survive and re-infest the whole property.
  3. The entire floor, all furniture, and rooms must be treated to guarantee the full eradication of your bed bug problem.

Stay safe, London! Don`t let the Bed bugs bite!