People usually associate fleas with pets. In reality, fleas can be an issue for humans, too. It’s possible to have a flea infestation even if you don’t have a dog or a cat at home. It’s rare, but it can happen.

Furthermore, fleas can and do bite humans. These parasites are pretty nimble, and it’s not easy to get rid of them. You will need professional pest control help to be sure it’s done correctly.

What are fleas, and why it’s not good to live with them?

Fleas are small bugs only e few millimetres long. If you don’t actively look for them, you will probably never spot them roaming around. That’s because, typically, they are various shades of brown and blend in quite well.

As we mentioned, fleas do usually prefer pets, but it’s not a mandatory condition. You can pick up fleas from gardens, parks, public transport and so on. Then they can make a colony in your house even if you don’t have a pet. In this case, their primary food source will be the humans in the property, i.e. you.

These parasites are usually active during the warmer months and feed on blood. They can jump about 150 times their height and hold on to various fabrics, hair, fur, etc. And they will quickly multiply in the hundreds.

While fleas can live on the animals, thanks to their fur, it’s far less likely for them to live on a human body. Instead, they will hide somewhere close so that they can climb on when needed. This means bedding, sofas, and other furniture can be “Flea HQ” for them.

Additional health risks

Fleas can bite humans, and they usually do that on the lower portion of the legs. It’s also possible to have bite marks on the hands. Basically, they will look for exposed, easy to reach places.

Usually, people won’t really feel these bites. But suppose you’re bitten more often (as the result of an infestation, for example). In that case, your skin will start developing red sports, which will be itchy.

Sadly, if you don’t take any action to tackle the infestation, things can get worse health-wise, too. Continuous exposure to flea bites can lead to further skin irritations, severe itching, hives and even infections.

Fleas can also carry other parasites and cause additional diseases, including tapeworms. They can induce allergic reactions, including shortness of breath, swelling, nausea, pain, dizziness. These reactions require prompt medical attention.

As you can see, flea infestations should not be neglected. If you have suspicions about such an issue, contact professional pest control services.

Confusion with bed bugs

Flea behaviour and bites can be a lot similar to that of bed bugs. Treatments for both types of bugs are different. Various bed bugs treatment options are available. Professionals can carry a thorough inspection and determine the kind of infestation and the best ways to exterminate it.