How to get rid of clothes moths?

To chase flying creatures with hand tools – broom, newspaper, rag, etc. is a useless occupation. Even if we cause the moth to die, we kill the males. At the same time, the female moths, without any remorse, give birth to new additions in the form of silvery-white eggs, from which after some time greedy caterpillars hatch. To deal with them, we mus [...]

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Do mosquitoes transmit coronavirus?

With the coming of the warmer season, not only people would prefer to remain outdoors – same goes for insects as well. As much as are green areas ideal for lovely picnicking with friends, all across London for instance, are they home to ticks fluttering both people and domestic animals. This winter the atmospheric conditions in the United Kingdom [...]

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How to Prevent a Bed Bug infestation

Common Bed Bug problems Many people in London lose their sleep because of a bed bug infestation. It could be a nightmare to find these parasites on your bed. Bed bugs feed on human blood and reproduce rapidly. One female can lay up to 150 eggs for a month. The adult specimen feeds once every 4-5 days, but there is no evidence for bed bugs spread d [...]

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Bed Bugs Lifecycle

Bed bugs can live everywhere indoors. In houses, apartments, movie theaters, hospitals, trains, buses, airplanes, schools – everywhere! These pests can live for several months without feeding. That means if you are away on a long – time vacation, they will hibernate well hidden in their shelters, and peacefully wait for your return. – Not impressed [...]

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